Britain's economy to bounce back soon -UK economist

The UK economy will recover very soon according to financial experts monitoring economic trends. He says that vaccine development will hasten economic growth.  

UK's economy to recover very soon 

Britain's economy is like a coiled spring which will soon recover to release positive Financial opportunities, Bank of England's top executive said. Mr. Andy Haldane stated that customer's confidence will soon be back due to improvement in the vaccination program going on in the country. 

Mr. Haldane is the latest financial analyst to forecast a quick rebound in economic development after a series of lockdowns. The UK's economy is presently set to shrink at 4.3% before the first quarter of the year. However, Mr. Haldane has said with about 12.5 million UK residents vaccinated, the economic future is already looking good for the country. According to his forecast 

'' By the beginning of April, with the current rate of vaccines, the country's chance of rebound has improved ''. 

Health concerns to fizzle away with vaccination 

Because many people are vaccinated, health concerns will decline and lockdown lifted, which will increase spending. '' We have been bottled over a year now, and most people are eager to get back on their feet. By the time things normalize, people will seize the economic opportunities presented. 

Moreover, he said unlike the recession in the past, many people had strengthened their finances and will have a huge capital to spend when a lockdown is lifted. 

'' This will mean more attendance to leisure and entertainment spots like pubs weekly ''. 

Also, he said a high number of firms have made much money during the pandemic and will spend it when everything settles. He also proposed that those without jobs will have chances, as many opportunities will spring up. He is hopeful that before the third quarter of the year, the country's economic fortunes will improve.

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