COVID-19: Chinese government denies WHO 'Valuable' information

A member of the WHO team has said the Chinese Government didn't give them free access to some vital information. China has insisted it had given the team all it needed. 

Chinese refused to give WHO 'Vital data' on COVID-19 

China has denied the WHO team in Wuhan useful information that can shed more about the origins of the COVID-19 virus. Dr. Dominic Bwywr told reporters the WHO team had asked for raw information from early infections which many noted was standard practice. However, they got just a summation. 

China has refused to discuss the matter when a Reuters reporter contacted them. However, they insist that, so far, they have been truthful and transparent to the WHO team. The United States had pledged with the Chinese authorities to give early data from the coronavirus outbreak, saying it is skeptical about the cooperation of the Chinese.

Just last week, the WHO said it was highly unlikely that the virus was leaked from Wuhan city, thereby dismissing claims that the virus came to Wuhan. In late 2019, Wuhan became the first city to record an infection in the world. Since then about 110 million people have been infected, with 2,2 million fatalities. 

Refusal is linked to political factors

When the WHO team arrived, they asked for fresh data on 175 cases from November 2019, according to Professor Dwyer. 

'' We have continuously asked for data that can help us determine how the early victims git it, but till now it hasn't happened. '' 

Thea Koisen, A Danish infectious disease expert said she is suspecting that the refusal was geopolitical. She said the world is concerned about why the Chinese keep refusing this request, and there is pressure to get this data and close the case, however, it seems the Chinese are worried about other issues. She said her team will include this in the final report they will make to the organization.