UN threatens Myanmar military for violent acts against peaceful protesters

The United Nations has warned the army in Myanmar to desist from violent suppression. This came after several videos and pictures showed armed violence against peaceful civilians. 

Burma army told to stop violence against demonstrators 

The United Nations has warned the army in Burma that it will take serious consequences for quelling the peaceful demonstrations in the country with force. A statement which was issued by the UN special envoy to the country Christene Schraner stated that it is the right of any citizen to protest and this must be respected.

Internet and communication services have been restored on Monday evening after it was suspended for a second day running. The military leadership in the country has been distorting web services in a bid to stifle opposition and dissenting voices since its coup on January 1st. 

The warning by the UN envoy came during a call to the military assistant leader Soe Win. The UN has insisted that blocking the internet and other forms of networks don't tally with the tenets of democracy.

Army yet to show a reason for detaining leaders 

Burma has seen days of protest after a military coup which saw them depose the country's leader Aung Suu Kyi and president Myint. The army had insisted that the coup was necessary because of alleged fraud commuted by leader Aung and her party during November's election.

The Junta is yet to show proof of these allegations which the NLD has continued to deny. Main cities like Yangon and Mandalay have witnessed huge gatherings on Monday morning according to videos showing on social media. 

However, it seems the numbers coming for the protest have dwindled since the military started rolling armored vehicles on the street. On Monday, the army said anyone opposing its leadership could face up to 21 years in prison, in a widely criticized move. It also gave itself the power to arrest anyone suspected of stirring up unrest and hold them for more than 24 hours.

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