US President suspends ban on TikTok and WeChat

President Biden has paused the ban on the two social networks pending a government review. The two firms have been at loggerheads with the previous administration over security issues. 

US President suspends bans on WeChat and TikTok 

President Joe Biden has suspended legal action against top social networks, WeChat and TikTok, which might have resulted in their ban in the United States. During the administration of Mr. Trump, he has asked for the ban of both networks due to the security threats they pose. However, both firms have sought legal counsel towards such a ban.

The administration of President Biden however, has asked for a stay it looks into the matter, and if both apps pose security threats. This delay implies that the social network can continue its operations in the US, while the government continues to look into their case. Mr. Donald Trump had insisted that the influx of Chinese-owned mobile apps into the country was unsafe and harm's national interest. 

The US accounts for 3% of WeChat users 

WeChat platform has global users going to 1 billion users which the US accounts for just 3%. For TikTok,  its accounts have 900 million users with 150,000 residing in the US. TikTok founders, ByteDance is reportedly speaking with tech giants Oracle and Walmart which will see a successful migration of assets to avoid the ban. According to a tech Guru, Mr. Hoppin, this move by the US government might be connected to the seeming relationship between the US and China. 

Also, there have been recent steps by the  Biden government to cancel most political order of the Trump administration. Just last week the Wall and the Eastern area of the US were stopped by the Biden administration for review. TikTok and WeChat can use this 'space' to get their acts together. After Asia, the US remains its fan base, and the risk of losing heavily of a ban occurs.

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